Considering taking advantage of some of the record low interest rates on offer? You still can. New technology and lender policies have
been implemented so that loans can continue to be funded during social distancing and lockdown restrictions.

If it’s been a while since you last organised a loan through us, we have a variety of new technologies available. They’re secure, work on pcs, mobiles, or tablets, and can make your new loan or refinancing a little easier.

1. Our Client Portal
When you’re ready to review your finances, you’ll be given a link to your own client portal. Here you can now enter all your personal details digitally from the comfort of your home or in office. It allows you to upload documents directly and securely, reducing the need to email or print your files.

2. Video Conferencing
We’re able to have a meeting with you to discuss your needs and objectives digitally. This gives you the confidence of a safe and socially distant meeting, while providing your finance broker the chance to truly understand your needs.

3. Digital Signatures
For many of your loan documents, you can view, sign, and return anytime via your tablet or phone*. There are still some documents you may need to sign physically due to government or lender policy, or you can still physically sign them if you wish to.

4. Bank Statements
We can electronically retrieve the required bank statements for you via an encrypted link. With no need to print out or request printed statements from your bank (or banks), this can be a huge timesaver.

Our aim is to provide you with a streamlined, secure, and convenient way to organise your finance, while following safe and hygienic

If you’ve had concerns about the process or your safety, you can rest assured we’ve got the technology in place to assist you.

*Dependant on lender availability.